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Deel Dit Album Quartz worktops -- why buy? Ask any homeowner about the one thing they would probably do to their kitchen if they could, it would be buy a stone worktop. In the past ten years, granite worktops in particular have proven to be very popular with people who wish to make a statement in the most important room in the home. The kitchen is a sanctuary and it deserves to have the very best fittings. Stone worktops are a luxury that has suddenly become a clear and urgent necessity. If you don't have one, you want one, and if you do have one, everyone else wants yours. It is only recently that a new kind of stone surface has been introduced into the world of kitchen furnishing. Quartz worktops are very much new players on the scene, so much so that relatively few people know about them. Even some high street retailers are unclear on the benefits and even the differences between quartz worktops and regular granite surfaces. There are advantages when you compare quartz to granite, and in this article we hope to show you some of those. After reading this, such is the nature of quartz that we can't guarantee you won't be on the phone begging your local showroom for a quick look at what could well be called 'the new and improved' granite. So what is it? Quartz is unique in that it brings the best of both worlds, with natural stone making up 94% of the surface, and a special bonding resin making up the final 6%. This uniquely engineered surface is more than capable of withstanding all of the substances, stresses and strains that granite can, and then some. Let's take a look at some of the features you can expect if you purchase a quartz kitchen work surface: - Completely and utterly non-porous. Nothing will get through the surface, no liquids, no oils, nothing. Due to the engineered aspect of the surface, it is arguable that it is even tougher than granite in this respect - A colour consistency that leads to more stunning, and sleeker effects - A full resistance to chipping and scratching. Again, it seems to beat out granite in this regard If you are looking to buy a quartz work surface for your kitchen then the first step you have to take is contact a specialist showroom. They will be able to consult with you, show you samples, and help you towards making a decision about buying the special surface. If you are thinking of approaching someone over the Internet, ensure that you have his or her contact details in font of you. Better yet, and especially with this kind of purchase in mind, you really need to be able to talk to someone over the telephone first. If the company online has a telephone number through which you can contact them and talk about the decision to look into quartz, this is really the ideal situation. Quartz is fast becoming the preferred material over granite, and with its colour density and super-tough exterior, it is not hard to see why. Visit Henderstone, the worktop experts.

Quartz Worktops & Granite Worktops from Henderston


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